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Our Mission

To build a state-of-the-art management platform that enables driven and talented co-entrepreneurs to independently grow their divisions while

sharing and accessing resources and principles that maximize value creation.

Principles and Core Values


We strive to know and understand our customers to innovate and deliver superior products and services

1.1 We stay in touch with our customers and invest the time to understand their explicit and implicit requirements so we can devise superior services and products.

1.2 We seek to find innovative ways of serving and finding solutions for our customers.


We embrace continuous improvement

2.1 We continuously strive to improve and make progress, understanding that if we don’t, we will inevitably fall back

2.2 We aim to continuously improve our own knowledge, processes, information systems, decision making skills, and project selection to maximize our performance.


We build our Quality Management System to remain strategically focused

3.1 We aim to simplify, streamline, and standardize our work processes to remove waste and increase the chance of performing at high levels consistently.

3.2 We integrate into our Quality Management System our key learnings to minimize the recurrence of similar problems and learn from our successes.

3.3 We prioritize our tasks based on those that add most value, set target dates, align our resources, and galvanize our people to execute with intensity.

3.4 We thoroughly plan upfront, review our plan in versions to strengthen it, and once solid we deploy our energy to execute quickly.

3.5 We measure our performance by reviewing Key Performance Indicators regularly. We believe that what is measured is better managed.


We find strength in unity

4.1 We work as a united team seamlessly and unify behind decisions made even if we don’t always agree with them in order to advance the interest of the whole group.

4.2 We exploit synergies with our infrastructure, systems, and people across our business units, divisions, and functions to deliver superior performance at lower cost.

4.3 We build one common management platform for all Business Units to use and encourage improvements to it through active contribution.

4.4 We embrace the human capital of all our people to keep learning and improving the areas we can impact.

4.5 We balance the interest of the group with that of the Business Units to maximize the performance of the overall group.


We seek to forge aligned partnerships

5.1 We partner with our stakeholders (customers, suppliers, team members, shareholders) and align incentives to achieve mutually beneficial goals.

5.2 We stretch our creativity and dig deep to find solutions that are win-win for all parties at the table.


We believe in embracing diversity, respect, openness, trust, and ethical conduct

6.1 We act ethically by doing the right things at all times and abide by our rules and regulations and operate by the letter and the spirit of the law.

6.2 We embrace diversity and respect one another and deal with others in ways they would want to be treated.

6.3 We continuously ask penetrating questions and encourage open arguments and constructive debates to find meaningful answers.

6.4 We strive to be fair in all our decisions and in the treatment of others.

6.5 We believe people work best in high performance teams when there is a foundation of confidence and trust, and that trust is earned and not granted.


Our people drive performance

7.1 We favor people that are honest, passionate, energetic, collaborative, courageous, and hungry to learn.

7.2 We drive performance by having the right people in the right position focused on the right tasks.

7.3 We provide the training and the tools required for our people to get the job done and let them know how their performance is going to be measured.

7.4 We value people that develop themselves and take an active role in the development of others. Life-long learning through study and practice is a way of life.

7.5 We stay humble at all times, uphold our commitments, and take responsibility for our own actions.

7.6 We commit to providing our team members with a 360 degree Continuous Improvement Feedback so they are aware of their strengths and the areas they need to work on.

7.7 We challenge the status quo, understand success is temporary, and keep a sense of paranoia to constantly re-evaluate ourselves and our position to make the best decisions for our future.


We use data and evidence based management to improve the quality of everything we do

8.1 We use data, evidence, and logic in order to analyze problems, make improvements, and monitor results

8.2 We encourage unfiltered facts to surface and confront challenges head-on in order to conceive the right path to value creation and unify around implementation.

8.3 We expand the search for solutions by looking internally and externally for the best possible options.


We focus on long term profitable and sustainable growth to keep on delivering value to shareholders

9.1 We collectively set clear financial targets, review our financial statements, and make our team members responsible for results.

9.2 We act like owners and treat the company assets and allocation of its capital as we would our own.

9.3 We expect our top managers to connect external opportunities with internal capabilities to identify profitable growth opportunities so they can be pursued with discipline.

9.4 We constantly assess risk vs. potential reward and don’t hesitate to make the hard decisions if we find ourselves on the wrong path.


We delight in making a positive impact on the people and the environment we touch

10.1 No matter what services or products we produce we cherish making a positive impact in the lives of others.

10.2 We care for our environment and for people and look at ways to connect and help the communities we serve.

10.3 We value our families and friends and make a concerted effort to nurture relationships and find the right balance between personal and work life.

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